Buidl a great Web3 user experience without compromising anonymity.

In a Web3 world preserving user anonymity is paramount for maintaining user trust.  That is why we decided to buidl Contextual, a No-Code SaaS platform that helps you enhance your Mobile and Web App with personalised Contextual user onboarding guides, in-app messaging, tooltips and FAQ’s without compromising user privacy – without having to write code.

No Email, No Problem

Contextual achieves this via an “Install ID” – a privacy protecting identifier allowing Product Teams to guide the user journey and provide contextual help without breaching PII.

Contextual customers on average experience 30-40% cost savings onboarding mobile and web customers by designing contextual in-app mobile and web walkthroughs and tooltips without the need for software development.

Contextual customers enjoy between 85 – 98% retention rate  for monthly active users reducing churn via increased product adoption and increasing digital adoption with contextual tooltips.

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