Calm App: What’s New Announcement

Some time ago, I posted a review of a few meditation App’s onboarding experience. One of those was “Calm” which I believe (along with headspace, now a unicorn startup). 

I recently found an updated writeup from Really Good UX. Its a nice post that covers the psychological elements of onboarding and making sure when they are asking permission that you are still reminded of the “calm” journey.

An interesting element in the post is how they’ve handled the Apps re-organization for existing users: “Calm also offers an overview of changes to the app navigation for existing users, giving them an option to check it out with a “See What’s New” button.”

Specifically the proactive handling of user’s aversion to change is key here – keep the users informed but with positive messaging and re-inforcing the Apps mission. 

“By offering a tour, Calm reduces the likelihood that users will become confused by the app’s updated navigation. “

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