Your users hold the keys to your success

What is Contextual Mobile in-app user Feedback?

Capture feedback from the users to determine your product decisions

Every Product Manager, UX/UI Designer and Customer Service and Customer Success professional knows that customer centricity is the key to survival in the competitive world of mobile apps . The best and most scalable way to get close to your users is via in app user feedback surveys. Offer “in the moment” user feedback response capture within your app targeted to the right user on the right screen and feature and at the right time and not when they are in the middle of trying to complete a task. Read more about the best and worst time to ask for user feedback.

Want to know more about optimising user feedback?

User feedback surveys accelerate activation to revenue!

Contextual In app user feedback surveys help identify user pain points and where solutions are needed to optimise conversion rates and reduce friction in the user journey for both Mobile and Web app users.  Validate performing features and prioritise your product roadmap.  Identify unhappy users, prevent churn, and increase user retention. Identify happy users and capture  feedback to optimise five-star reviews. Onboarding Feedback: Product-Led Success with Your Mobile Users

Cross platform in-app user feedback

Offer Contextual targeted and personalised in app user feedback capture across all your app platforms.  Create in app feedback for specific features, screens and fields for IOS, Android, React Native and Web apps.

Standup a user survey in real-time

You need to know how your users feel right now and not tomorrow when they might have moved on! Create contextual user feedback surveys on the spot with our library of customisable user feedback survey templates. Slow is a dangerous place for products and why you need fast feedback

NPS and CSAT reports

On demand user survey feedback reports for specific users and user cohorts, operating systems and features

No code, No app store or Google play releases

Create, Update and Launch Contextual User Onboarding surveys, feature surveys and as fast as you can produce your questions without hard coding and without the need for App Store and Google Play releases. Discover how Contextual customers are benefiting from increased activation, user engagement and user retention using in app user onboarding flows.