Comparing User Onboarding and Feature Adoption: Appcues vs. WalkMe


User experience has become the bedrock of successful software applications, and two prominent players in the field of enhancing user onboarding and feature adoption are Appcues and WalkMe. Both platforms aim to streamline user interactions, increase engagement, and ensure the seamless adoption of features within applications. However, each product has its unique approach and features that set it apart in the market.


Appcues positions itself as a user onboarding and engagement platform that empowers businesses to create personalized user experiences. With a focus on in-app experiences, Appcues enables companies to guide users through their application’s key features, making user onboarding intuitive and efficient. Its visual editor allows for the creation of interactive onboarding flows without the need for coding, catering to both technical and non-technical teams. Moreover, Appcues offers analytics to measure user engagement and the effectiveness of onboarding campaigns.

Walk Me

WalkMe, on the other hand, emphasizes feature adoption and digital adoption solutions. Its primary goal is to ensure that users extract the maximum value from software applications by guiding them through complex workflows and introducing them to advanced features. WalkMe’s AI-driven insights provide actionable recommendations for improving user engagement and feature adoption. This platform stands out with its robust automation capabilities, allowing companies to automate repetitive tasks and user interactions to enhance the overall user experience.

What about user onboarding for mobile apps?

Both Appcues and WalkMe claim to provide a mobile offering however Contextual provides onboarding guides and Tooltips at a field and button level enabling sophisticated cross platform onboarding experiences. 
Feature WalkMe Appcues

Visual Onboarding

Create interactive onboarding flows

Guide users through complex tasks

Customization Options

Tailor onboarding to match brand identity

Customize user journeys

In-app Messaging

Display messages within the application

Deliver context-sensitive guidance

A/B Testing

Test different onboarding approaches

Experiment with engagement strategies|

User Segmentation

Segment users for targeted onboarding

Segment users for tailored guidance


Measure user engagement and interactions

Gain insights into user behavior

User Surveys

Collect user feedback within the app

Gather user insights

User Behavior Tracking

Monitor how users interact with features

Collect user feedback within the app

In-product Prompts

Prompt users to take specific actions

Nudge users towards key features

User Flow Visualization

Visualize user journeys and drop-offs

Identify bottlenecks in workflows

Integration Options

Integrate with various third-party tools

Seamlessly integrate with other apps


Deliver tailored content to users

Personalize guidance and interactions

User Progress Tracking

Track users' progress within the app

Monitor user advancement

User Feedback Analysis

Analyze feedback sentiment and trends

Derive insights from user comments

Multi-platform Support

Compatible with web, mobile, and more

Supports diverse application types

Onboarding Templates

Use pre-designed templates for onboarding

Leverage pre-built guidance solutions

User Behavior Insights

Understand how users navigate the app

Identify user patterns and challenges

Performance Monitoring

Monitor onboarding performance metrics

Ensure optimal user experience

Real-time Notifications

Send in-app notifications to guide users

Alert users about important updates

Data Security

Ensure data security and compliance

Adhere to strict data protection


Regardless of which vendor is chosen, both offer powerful solutions for improving user onboarding and feature adoption within software applications. Appcues focuses on creating engaging onboarding experiences to quickly familiarize users with an app’s core functionality. On the other hand, WalkMe specializes in guiding users through complex tasks and ensuring feature adoption, utilizing automation and AI-driven insights. Choosing between these two platforms depends on the specific needs of your business and the level of user engagement and adoption enhancement you require. Regardless of the choice, both Appcues and WalkMe hold the potential to significantly enhance user experiences and drive success in the digital landscape. If you want to learn more about mobile and web app user onboarding and feature adoption.  Contact us via the buttons below.