Contextual Announces Open-source GuideBlocks: A New Era of Product Adoption

Today, Contextual proudly announces the launch of its revolutionary Open-source Guideblocks, marking a seismic shift in mobile and web app Product Adoption. Open-source Guideblocks reboots product adoption by enabling the inclusion of Open-Source user onboarding and engagement features directly within the app rather than relying solely on traditional Product Adoption methods like templated pop-ups and push notifications.


Legacy product adoption models typically utilize methods such as pop-ups, screen overlays, and in-app notifications. These techniques, however, can be counterproductive on the limited surface available on the mobile platform, leading to user frustration and a degraded user experience. With the dynamic changes in software UIs and continuous product upgrades, these methods have become increasingly brittle, ineffective, and cumbersome for product teams to manage.


Contrastingly, Open-source Guideblocks revolutionizes product adoption by enabling a new category of digital engagement management. This platform allows developers to educate,  engage, and market to users in-app in a more organic and user-friendly manner, moving away from the limitations of guide templates favored by legacy Product Adoption 1.0 products.


Key to Open-source Guideblocks is it’s extensible low-code platform, allowing developers to effortlessly design and deploy diverse digital interactions, ranging from integrated customer feedback forms to interactive marketing campaigns. The platform’s intuitive interface and adaptable architecture facilitate easy integration and customization, catering to businesses of all sizes.


Introducing Contextual’s new Open-source GuideBlocks:


Accelerated User Engagement Development: Developers can now code user onboarding and engagement features once, and delegate the orchestration of user targeting and content creation to growth teams, product managers, and customer success teams, ensuring dynamic engagement across various contexts.


Open-source integration with App Architecture: Engagement features developed as Open-source GuideBlocks are seamlessly integrated into the app, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

Interoperate with Existing App Components: The platform supports cohesive onboarding experiences by allowing new Open -source GuideBlocks engagement features to work in tandem with existing app elements.


Other key benefits include:

  • Accelerated development and handoff to growth teams
  • Cohesive user experiences free of disruptive overlays and pop-ups
  • Interoperation with existing app components
  • Bring your own code [BYOC] and third-party code options
  • An open-source library of Open-source GuideBlocks.

Open-Source GuideBlocks Use Cases:


Beyond Pop-Up Modals: Open-source Guideblocks enable more intuitive engagement methods, such as in-app actions, enhancing user experience, and driving application growth goals.

Customization and Flexibility: Developers can introduce their own, third-party code or Open-source code, empowering teams to manage engagement features effectively.


David Jones, Founder and CEO of Contextual, emphasizes the critical role of Product Adoption in today’s competitive app market. “In an environment where user activation and feature utilization are paramount, Contextual Open-source Guideblocks offers a game-changing solution. Our platform not only eliminates the need for unpopular pop-ups but also significantly enhances user engagement,” said Jones.


The market for Product Adoption tools is expected to grow exponentially, with projections of reaching USD $22 billion in the next four years. Contextual App Extensibility is set to be at the forefront of this growth, offering an innovative, Open Source approach to app development and engagement.


For additional information, please contact:


Charles Heunnemann

0432 765 576

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