Contextual the no-code platform for mobile and web app Digital Adoption today announces new pricing including a new Free version.

New FREE VERSION available

July 3, 2023, Contextual the no-code platform for mobile and web app Digital Adoption today announces new pricing including a new Free version.


New Free version Contextual Track & Guide

The newly announced Free “Track & Guide” version allows product growth teams, Product  Managers and Growth Marketers for Mobile and Web applications Track app usage and provide entry level user onboarding walkthroughs to help guide users to their usage goals.  Contextual Track & Guide is free of charge for up to 10,000 monthly active users and provides the following capabilities;

    • User reporting and analytics on user engagement
    •  daily installs and retained users.
    • Tracking and Reporting on screens and pages.
    • Up to 2 concurrent Guides – page and screen level announcements

 Plus more 


New entry level Guide & Retain

Starting at just US$100 per month for up to 10,000 monthly active users Guide & Retain provides next level user analytics and a suite of user onboarding tools to Guide users to sustained usage.  Guide & Retain provides all of Track & Guide plus the following capabilities; 

  • Additional Field Level tracking
    • 5 Features (Buttons)
    • 2 custom tags
  • 10 concurrent Guides
    • Guides, Tips, Videos, Announcements,
    • Per page FAQ
    • In-app Feedback surveys
  • Guide Analytics
  • Feedback (NPS, questions)
  • Limited Feature Tracking

 Plus more


Guide, Retain & Grow

Guide, Retain and Grow is for product growth teams planning for the next growth inflection point.  Starting at 10,000 monthly active users Guide, Retain and Growth offers all of Guide & Retain plus. 

  • Integrations with popular analytics products:
    • Segment, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Webhooks plus more
    • API Access (extended)
  • Extended Feature tracking
    • Screens/pages
    • Fields
    • Buttons
  • 50 concurrent Guides
    • Multi-language Guides
    • Rich User Targeting
  • Segments and Goals

 Plus more


David Jones CEO and Founder Contextual commented “we are really excited to be able to put Contextual’s capabilities in the hands of every product manager, growth marketer and growth teams who are aspiring to make awesome products”.


About Contextual

Contextual was designed to understand your consumers’ needs and assist them in their journey to product adoption and retention by giving them a tailored experience. As fierce devotees of Pirate Metrics (AARRR), the company’s mission is to:

  •  help your users understand your core product utility,
  •  deepen engagement by Progressive Onboarding.

Most Apps have around 30 seconds to attract the user’s attention after downloading and roughly 3 minutes to give some usefulness to the user. Working with app developers, the Contextual team learned the hard way that without a compelling onboarding experience, your retention rate plummets.


Companies tend to spend a lot of money on Advertising, Sales, and Marketing (the first “A” is acquisition), only to lose customers. Progressively improving a user’s education and comprehension of the product is a priority for the firms from whom we’ve learned. Testing and iteration, enthusiasm, and a focus on “the statistics” are all used to attain this goal. Retention, revenue, referrals, and business development are the prizes. We are here to assist you on your quest.


Contextual is a product delivered by the StreetHawk company and was built on top of the StreetHawk Engagement Automation Platform. 

Are you looking to get more users to love your mobile and web apps?  Click on the buttons below to get your 14 day free trial or contact us for a demo! 

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