Mastt Optimises User Experience and Customer Success Efficiency With In-app Contextual Tooltips

Mastt, a company founded in 2018 to fill a need in the market for tools and solutions for managing large complex construction projects, has selected Contextual —to provide in-app Guides and facilitate the User Onboarding process for Mastt a cloud enterprise software solution that helps owners & PMOs deliver better capital works projects. Mastt is currently used by capital portfolio owners and consultants to deliver projects worth more than $25 billion.

Mastt’s Product Manager, John Fisher, explained that the founder of Mastt Doug Vincent, who came from the construction industry, was the driving force behind the company’s creation; Doug Vincent found that while there were several project management tools available, none were effectively tailored for project managers who needed to manage large infrastructure projects.

The issue

“The Mastt team has done an excellent job of addressing the market shortfall with a powerful and sophisticated management tool, however power and sophistication comes with a certain level of complexity.”, mentioned John Fisher.

Simplifying the complexity was the problem that Contextual was tasked to solve by providing in-app guides to users which is particularly useful for those who are less tech savvy 

“Mastt users are highly experienced and skilled project managers who specialize in large-scale building projects. Nonetheless, we discovered that they frequently need assistance with “how-to” questions. We realized we needed a training tool to help our customers get the most out of our software and reduce their reliance on our customer success team for fundamental operations.”, continued Fisher.

The solution

Mastt adopted Contextual to customize self-guided walkthrough tours within their application. The tools were implemented across many environments, beginning with a demonstration instance and progressing to staging and production environments. 


The extensive Contextual’s template collection of in-app Guides, Tooltips, and Announcements allowed us to create customized Product Tours and Tooltips that highlight key features to aid our users.”, mentioned John Fisher. 


“Some of our clients have really loved it,” said John Fisher when questioned about the response from Mastt’s users. “The biggest issue is that clients frequently forget some of what they learned after completing their training. Within our product, Contextual lets our users go back and review their training. To do so, we make extensive use of Contextual’s Tooltip templates, such as the Universal Information icon button that Contextual provides to convey the underlying explanation for certain essential features.”, adds John

Key Results

Contextual was implemented as part of Mastt’s initial release which meant there was no comparative baseline data available. However Fisher concluded that the Contextual solution had assisted the company’s ability to scale to the extent that it reduced user demand for basic “how to questions” and reserved the customer success team’s resources towards helping users optimize their use of Mastt and to help them excel at what they do best which is managing major construction projects.

“Our approach to training is unique in that we invest in one-on-one training for every single one of our customers.  This is a key aspect of our unique value proposition.”, continued Fisher.

Mastt’s investment in user education is not limited to how to utilize their technology; the firm also incorporates decades of construction industry expertise into the users’ training experience to supplement their existing abilities and keep up with changing industry best practices.

“As a Product Manager one of the things I have been most impressed with is how simple Contextual guides are to create and apply to the extent that I can delegate the task of creating in-app user onboarding tours, tool tips and product guides to my Customer Success team” said Fisher. 

David Jones Co-Founder and CEO Contextual added “We are very proud to count Mastt as one of our founding customers”. 

Future Improvements

Future user Contextual cases being contemplated by John Fisher include carefully curated user customer feedback surveys.  “However we need to be mindful not to overload our users,”  said Fisher. “ Mastt users login into our app to do their work,, we do not want to get in their way when they are in the middle of trying to get the job done. Contextual is sophisticated enough to enable this”,  he explained.


Fisher also plans to use Contextual to announce new feature releases.


*Disclosure: John Fisher was Product Manager for Pointzi (now Contextual) Apr 2018 – Feb 2021 and led the implementation of Contextual for Mastt.

About Mastt

Mastt was formed by a group of construction industry professionals who were struggling with the current tools and techniques for managing big and complicated project finances. The Mastt team created a solution to make their own life simpler but rapidly learned that many other professionals in the sector had similar challenges.


The company’s objective is to provide a portfolio of cutting-edge technological products for the construction sector and make them accessible in a transparent, user-friendly, and cost-effective manner.

About Contextual

Contextual was designed to understand your consumers’ needs and assist them in their journey to product adoption and retention by giving them a tailored experience. As fierce devotees of Pirate Metrics (AARRR), the company’s mission is to:

  •  help your users understand your core product utility,

  •  deepen engagement by Progressive Onboarding.

Most Apps have around 30 seconds to attract the user’s attention after downloading and roughly 3 minutes to give some usefulness to the user. Working with app developers, the Contextual team learned the hard way that without a compelling onboarding experience, your retention rate plummets.

Companies tend to spend a lot of money on Advertising, Sales, and Marketing (the first “A” is acquisition), only to lose customers. Progressively improving a user’s education and comprehension of the product is a priority for the firms from whom we’ve learned. Testing and iteration, enthusiasm, and a focus on “the statistics” are all used to attain this goal. Retention, revenue, referrals, and business development are the prizes. We are here to assist you on your quest.

Contextual is a product delivered by the StreetHawk company and was built on top of the StreetHawk Engagement Automation Platform.