Spark Pico Trail Blazes In-App Contextual Marketing

Sparkbox Inc. has chosen Contextual for new user Onboarding and to provide in-app Guides, Tool tips and new feature announcements for its newly launched product Spark Pico — a visual discovery, gathering, sharing, storing, and organizing tool, set to help customers manage their personal material and media from their devices, the internet, or a cloud space in the same place.

Spark Pico provides a toolset that enables content alteration and administration across numerous platforms, as a consequence modifications to the system / program / software must be tightly planned, making it difficult to adapt to user requests.

As such, CEO and founder of Sparkbox, Darryl Goede, considered a number of options enabling in-app marketing messages on top of the Spark Pico program without consuming development resources or impacting the development time.

The issue

“I considered a number of options for dealing with the issue of being able to change in-app marketing messages on top of our software without killing ourselves in the back room. What we lacked was the ability to go in and add a new message or signal to our markets without having to do a lot of work on our software core.”, said Darryl Goede. 

While searching for solutions in the market, Darryl discovered that most technologies were only available for Web apps , but not on Mobile platforms. Furthermore, besides being device-restricted, most solutions were completely uneconomic.

The solution

Goede believes his company’s dilemma was a common one that software businesses such as Spark Pico don’t fully comprehend because they don’t recognize themselves as marketers, rather they see themselves as software people.

As part of the solution, he started using Contextual – a platform that allows Product Managers , UX Designers of Mobile and Web apps to give their customers tailored in-app communications, such as suggestions, tours, comments, and contextual content via a library of Tool Tip templates  based on real-time filters and user segments. 

When I first discovered Contextual, I was astounded at how well it suited our needs. Software development is a painfully long and painful process in terms of modifications or upgrades, no matter the business. That’s exactly what Contextual provides for us: it reduces the time it takes us to respond to market changes.”, mentioned Darryl. 

“Contextual provides an overlay to Spark Pico’s software and it works incredibly well, as there is a constant need to update and maintain control over our in-app marketing messaging. The ability to adjust the user experience or create a new tooltip overnight is essential due to the limited number of human resources”, said Goede.

Implementation was a simple process for us, but the biggest benefit I saw was that once we got past the learning curve, I was able to reassign Contextual’s operation to our UX designer, who is very familiar with the type of work that Contextual enables, but not in such a simple and flexible medium. We gave Contextual to our UX/UI person and she ate it up!” Goede added.

Key Results

“It’s sometimes hard to predict how consumers will use our software. For example, we recently changed the name of our app’s home screen to “Jots” since we realized that users were using it to jot down notes rather than as a home screen. Modifying the name took us less than 15 minutes and changed across all devices, thanks to the flexibility Contextual provides!”

As part of the integration, the company can now target In-app Guides, Tooltips, and Announcements to a wide range of geographic, demographic, and psychographic categories, and fine-tune its in-app marketing content for as many segments as needed. Spark Pico was able to adjust and adapt to changes in consumer behavior, such as the app’s home screen name because of Contextual. 

“Not only do we get massive versatility, Contextual has been easy on the budget since doing it any other way would need an incredible lot of energy and a far bigger investment in terms of human resources. Contextual has been a game changer.”, Goede remarked.

David Jones Co-Founder and CEO Contextual remarked “We are really excited to be a part of the Spark Pico journey”. 

Future Improvements

Spark Pico just announced a partnership with an AI provider to add Voice Assist in their service offering, making them the first Content Management service to do so.

“We are quite passionate about replacing the tap and touch control technique because there is such a large market that is unserviced for the capacity to accomplish things without the ability to tap or touch, and as a result, it opens up a great potential for us.” 

About Spark Pico

Spark Pico is an all-in-one solution for customers to explore, collect, and organize content while on-the-go into workspaces. Users perform common content operations and build unique items from their content for personal use or to distribute after they’ve entered the workplace.

Spark Pico solves a variety of logistical issues currently encountered when user content is saved, processed, and stored in distributed locations from the customer’s desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablets, apps, backup systems, and cloud drives by centralizing core content management tools into one integrated app.

The application is available for both Android and iOs, as well as for the desktop version of WebApp and Chrome extension.

About Contextual

Contextual was designed to understand your consumers’ needs and assist them in their journey to product adoption and retention by giving them a tailored experience. As fierce devotees of Pirate Metrics (AARRR), the company’s mission is to:

  •  help your users understand your core product utility,

  •  deepen engagement by Progressive Onboarding.

Most Apps have around 30 seconds to attract the user’s attention after downloading and roughly 3 minutes to give some usefulness to the user. Working with app developers, the Contextual team learned the hard way that without a compelling onboarding experience, your retention rate plummets.

Companies tend to spend a lot of money on Advertising, Sales, and Marketing (the first “A” is acquisition), only to lose customers. Progressively improving a user’s education and comprehension of the product is a priority for the firms from whom we’ve learned. Testing and iteration, enthusiasm, and a focus on “the statistics” are all used to attain this goal. Retention, revenue, referrals, and business development are the prizes. We are here to assist you on your quest.

Contextual is a product delivered by the StreetHawk company and was built on top of the StreetHawk Engagement Automation Platform.