Revolutionizing Healthcare Education: How TKABE Technologies'  Portal is Changing the Game with Contextual for the Western Regional Alliance for Emergency Management WRAP-EM


TKABE Technologies implemented their portal for WRAP-EM, as a platform for interstate and interregional collaboration on emerging health issues across six states in the western United States, including Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Utah. The project is funded by the United States Government Health and Human Services Division Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response ASPR. Todd Williams,  CTO of TKABE Technologies and Chief Solution architect, mentioned the portal  has been used by Harvard Medical School for their educational program globally as an education program for healthcare physicians.

The issue

The first challenge TKABE Technologies faced with WRAP-EM was making it obvious that the resource was available to healthcare professionals. The second challenge was helping users achieve utility from the portal. Healthcare professionals are extremely busy and often operate under a lot of pressure to achieve positive health outcomes for their patients. They don’t have time to search online knowledge bases or read system instructions.

The solution

To address these challenges TKABE Technologies turned to Contextual, which uses a chrome plugin to create contextual in-app help. Contextual allows TKABE Technologies to create tooltips to help onboard new users and repurpose the content for in-app help available when users need it.   “Our users sometimes need a nudge in the direction they are looking for, otherwise we need to make sure that our help systems aren’t actually getting in the users way” said Williams.


Implementing Contextual for portal and web apps is very easy and straightforward.  All that is required after registering for an account on is the addition of a small piece of web code on your website an the installation of a chrome extension that will launch you into the Contextual design dashboard when you are ready to start creating user onboarding flows, product walkthroughs, feature announcements, tooltips, FAQ’s and User Feedback surveys.

Key results

The results of implementing Contextual plugin have been significant. The portal’s user engagement has increased and healthcare professionals are able to access the information they need quickly and efficiently. Additionally, WRAP-EM has become a valuable resource for academic work and technical research.  “With Contextual we were able to reduce the frequency of training meetings, email reminders and instructional videos’ said William’s.

What's next?

TKABE Technologies plans to implement Contextual for a future version of WRAP-EM Portal for public content. “The biggest challenge that we would solve is helping guide public users to the right area that they’re looking for using Contextual to guide them” Said Williams.

About TKABE Technologies

TKABE Technologies is a company that specializes in creating professional education portals, a collaborative workspace with an integrated  learning management system. In 2015, the company started developing a portal specifically for healthcare professionals transitioning from a clinical to an medical educational role.

About Contextual

Contextual was designed to understand your consumers’ needs and assist them in their journey to product adoption and retention by giving them a tailored experience. As fierce devotees of  Pirate Metrics (AARRR) , the company’s mission is to:

  •  help your users understand your core product utility,

  •  deepen engagement by Progressive Onboarding.

Most Apps have around 30 seconds to attract the user’s attention after downloading and roughly 3 minutes to give some usefulness to the user. Working with app developers, the Contextual team learned the hard way that without a compelling onboarding experience, your retention rate plummets.

Companies tend to spend a lot of money on Advertising, Sales, and Marketing (the first “A” is acquisition), only to lose customers. Progressively improving a user’s education and comprehension of the product is a priority for the firms from whom we’ve learned. Testing and iteration, enthusiasm, and a focus on “the statistics” are all used to attain this goal. Retention, revenue, referrals, and business development are the prizes. We are here to assist you on your quest.

Contextual is a product delivered by the StreetHawk company and was built on top of the StreetHawk Engagement Automation Platform.