Decoupling Growth from Product Management

Jordan and Francois from Deputy tell a story about an earlier growth hack at Vend.
The lesson here is a template for Apps to consider de-coupling growth from marketing and product teams.

The cadence of roadmap iteration is one that Contextual attempts to solve for Product Teams. But this story is a short but great example of how tasking a small team to operate independently to implement a lead generation side project turned into a huge success – that paid for itself plus-much-more.

Scroll down the bottom to see the video of the story.


Building a SaaS Growth Team

It reminded me of a session I did with Eric Chan who is Director of Growth & Partnerships at Chargebee.

He said after you start to scale your company, you often need to look at non-linear ways to grow as well as defend against the competition. That’s where the growth team kicks in.

Chargebee built an entire team dedicated to Growth.

It gave them freedom to explore non-linear growth projects that could be setup and torn down quickly.

The catch for Eric was that there may arise a perceived sense of competition (to be managed) and also is required more inter team communication and co-ordination to ensure similar projects are undertaken and that the Growth Team KPIs are not in conflict with Product – its an interesting structure for Series-A and beyond teams to consider.

In the upcoming full interview with‘s Growth team leads (Francois Bondiguel – Head of Growth and Jordan Lewis – Director of Growth) we cover a lot of great Onboarding/Growth experiences and ideas. 

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