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With Contextual you start with a rich set of templates that you can rollout fast.
Customise and save your preferred styles but most importantly you can point-and-click your own messaging, inserting links to customer service and training resources, or embed explanatory images and videos exactly where you need it in your App!

Contextual tips

Contextual tips offer a wide variety of options to display instructional message tips to your users, normally to point and highlight a feature or element on your page. These templates are a combination of elements that allow you to customise and edit the text, image and video content to clearly inform your users.

Hotspot feature for contextual tips

This is an optional feature that allows you to highlight the location of contextual tip by displaying a widget as a ‘hotspot’ indicator, drawing the attention of your users to your contextual tip. There are a range of hotspot animations available and you can set the message of your contextual tip to appear on demand or at all times.


Announcements are designed as popup guides or messages which can be displayed to your users at any stage. These are available in a variety of formats, including web carousel slides, with one or multiple images, videos, texts, etc.

Carousel slides

Carousel slides are designed to display multiple messages including videos, images, text, etc. all at once and as separate packages and steps. These can be used as popups or on demand. 


These survey or feedback templates allow you to gather insightful feedback from your users, which aim to help you understand how respond to your product or service. Users can submit a rating, or indicate how they feel about their experience. These template are usually designed to be highly interactive and need direct input from a significant number of users to collect meaningful data.