JTBD: “If you are not activating, you are churning”.

In this recent Webinar with Scott Middleton, we discussed the scope of “onboarding”:

  • where it starts,
  • where it ends and
  • how it relates to “Activation” and the “Aha” moment.

This video snippet here shows the Pirate Metrics and where “onboarding” fits.

The primary message here is that each user who downloads your Mobile App or lands on your Web App is on a journey to their first JTBD.

Job to be done #1 is "Aha" moment

JTBD is one methodology for Product Teams to align their product with the job that a potential customer needs “to to be done”.

When a user evaluates a product the 1st JTBD is a race to verify the product’s usefulness (value) against the time the user invests. Its a critical period.

In the diagram below, the graph illustrates the  race to the “aha” moment. The steeper the initial curve, the faster the user establishes your product does the “Job”.

the internal user journey to "aha" moment is the first JTBD

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