Medium’s Tips for teaching new user habits

When Medium replaced “Recommend” with “Claps” great confusion ensued. Here’s how Medium attempts to train us to understand the new feature.

Whats the deal? Medium wanted to reward great stories more than good stories. But we’ve all been trained to Heart, Upvote, Like, and with a simple tap “Un-Like” – but that was too restricted for Medium’s goal.

Medium's inApp tooltip to educate users on clapping more for more points

Medium’s inApp tooltip to educate users on clapping more for more points is a simple cue to get users over the confusion factor about “claps”.

In Contextual this is a very quick process – here is how its done.

  1. Add the SDK
  2. Screenshot your page
  3. Pick the page and select Tip tool, pick a style
  4. point at the placement of your tip. Add your own content and style. (colors, fonts, round corners etc)
  5. Target at an audience, Save. Set it live – EASY!

If you’ve got a feature that is not getting uplift:

  1. consider how user’s might be a little confused about it.
  2. check with users to confirm.
  3. your tip should describe/or imply the action. Medium hijacks the long-press gesture and explains it: “Press and how to…”
  4. your tip should describe the value to the user. In Medium’s case: “show your support.”. Its crisp, clear.

Its easy to under-estimate the power of simple tips to get uplift. Results vary and Contextual allows you to measure the uplift based on your stated “Success Metric” (Goal).


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