Mobile App design and onboarding by SC Moatti

A little while ago I interviewed SC Moatti who has worked with companies like AirBnB on mobile UX.

You can find the recording on iTunes and SoundCloud.

In this episode, SC who is the best selling author of “Mobilized” shares some design wins and fails based on 3 rules of fullfilling the needs of Body, Heart and Mind.

Here are 3 rules:

  1. The best mobile products are physically and functionally beautiful. (Body)
  2. The best mobile products focus on what matters to us. (Heart)
  3. The best mobile products learn as we use them. (Mind)
Mobilized Book

Here is a quick TL;DR:

  • What Uber, theSkimm and WhatsApp do really well.
  • Where AirBnB could improve because its typically been task-oriented but is missing opportunities for serendipity.
  • How “bots” are in the “uncanny valley” where people are unsure how to relate to them if they are almost convincingly human but still not when it really matters.
  • How SC is now doing investments both in and out of the mobile space and how you can get in touch.

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If you want to read the transcript, head over to our StreetHawk site.

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