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mobile app onboarding experiences without hard coding
49% of mobile app users uninstall apps in the first month. Your users have minutes if not seconds to experience their “Aha moment” or become a churn statistic. Create your own contextual mobile and web user onboarding guides, flows and walkthroughs. Increase user activation by getting the right information to the right user at the right time.

With Contextual creating Mobile and Web user onboarding guides couldn't be easier

Cross platform in app user onboarding guides

Achieve next level Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue with a game changing user onboarding experience fully customisable by you to make your app even more awesome! Find out more about  Boosting Activation

Over 50 customisable onboarding templates

Creating mobile and web app onboarding guides, walkthroughs and tooltips doesn’t get any easier with Contextual. Choose from a massive library of over 50 fully customisable in app User Onboarding Guides, Tooltips, Feature Announcements, In app Messaging, FAQs, Carousels and User Surveys. Find out more about  User Onboarding Tour templates

Retention and Growth Analytics

Whether your app is Product Led, or Sales Led Analytics Data is the ultimate measure of success. Contextual includes a comprehensive range of customisable reports and dashboards that will keep you up to date and on top of the most important numbers;
Contextual reports and analytics free Product teams from dependencies on engineering to get the key data needed to make critical product decisions. Find out more about  Contextual analytics

No Code, No software development resource required

Step 1: Design

Create Web and Mobile App tooltips, walkthroughs, launchers and contextual support in a single dashboard
Use Contextual dashboard and the templates to design guides

Step 2: Target

Trigger walkthroughs, tooltips and inApp education when the user needs it.
Target the right users at the right place and at the right time

Step 3: Measure, Optimize

Experiment, test and refine onboarding and education tooltips to help users understand your App.
View analytics and measure the success of your guides
“Contextual saved about 80% of onboarding time for our users compared to the traditional method of onboarding where they had to rely on written guides. It also provides flexibility for quick updates”.
Frank Tan
Mobile Content & Engagement Strategist for Quadrant Global Pte Ltd, an Appen company