Contextual – Leaders in No-Code Product Adoption Tools announce new Product-Led Growth enhancements for Product and Growth Teams of Mobile and Web applications.

No-Code SaaS platform

Sydney 7 November 2022: To address the explosive demand for Product Led Growth tools, Contextual has just released version 2.5 to deliver no-code user onboarding, activation and retention capabilities allowing Product Teams and Developers to engage users in real-time.

Contextual founder and CEO David Jones commented  “10 years ago Marc Andreessen famously observed ‘Software Is Eating the World’ – however, with demand for coders doubling this year – the message is now ‘Software Is Eating the Developers.’

This is why we developed Contextual, a No-Code SaaS platform that helps our customers – Product and Growth Teams pursuing Product-Led Growth strategies for mobile and web applications enhance their applications without having to write code”.

Targeted at Product Teams, Product Managers, Growth Marketers, Designers and Customer Success teams can all use Contextual’s 2.5 release to Activate, Engage and Retain Mobile and Web application Users and reduce user churn

Contextual’s 2.5 release includes the following new features and feature enhancements:

  • Automatic Feature Tracking – Using Contextual’s no-code platform version 2.5 enables Product Managers to easily select features, screens and clickable buttons and Custom Tags for their Mobile and Web applications to track analytics user’s interactions – without need for developers or analytics specialists.
    • Product Teams can customize friendly labels for clickable elements or screens for easier tracking and reporting purposes to;
    • Guide users of Mobile and Web apps towards their “Aha moment” more efficiently through contextually targeted tips, tours, inApp Videos and guiding walkthroughs.
    • Create and measure performance of Activation and Retention Goal
  • Improved intuitive web based Mobile and Web app Guide Creator enables product teams and designers to create beautiful customised user onboarding walkthroughs, product tours, guides, in-app announcements, tooltips and FAQs for their apps choose from 50 fully customisable templates.

The aforementioned enhancements amplifies Contextual’s existing capabilities including.

    • Unified across IOS, Android and Web Apps – one cohesive Dashboard for all your Apps and their users.
    • Enhanced SaaS architecture supports Mobile and Web Apps with millions of users with analytics in near-real-time.

Jones commented further “Product Led Growth has seen terrific recognition but customers often ask what they actually means for them – this new release gives Product and Growth Teams THE inApp tool for sustained user engagement through Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue (AARRR**) which are the metrics that matter”.

“Version 2.5 represents a significant milestone in the evolution in the development Contextual and helps both new applications accelerate towards their Acquisition and Activation Goals more quickly and also will help established Mobile and Web applications realise their next growth inflection point”, added Jones.

** the well-known pirate metrics.

About Contextual.

Contextual provides industry leading Product Adoptions solutions for creators of Mobile and Web applications.  Contextual’s No-Code SaaS platform helps product teams, product marketers and customer success and service teams increase product adoption and customer retention through customisable in app mobile and web application user onboarding guides and walkthroughs, in-app messaging, user surveys, user analytics and user adoption statistics.

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