Contextual Native Carousels now available

The animation below show  how easy it is to now deliver beautiful carousels in Contextual without:

  1. needing to write code, just add our SDK
  2. needing to do an Appstore Release!

You can also A/B Test different carousels to targeted groups to test which gives the best results.

In this video you can see it takes seconds to :

  1. craft a 2-screen carousel
  2. select an image from our library or pick your own
  3. change the text
  4. preview it on a real device

Some other great controls are:

  • Full control over font type, color, background color
  • Beautiful swipe colour transition between screens
  • Buttons can customized for each slide (see down the bottom it changes from “Skip” to “Done”
  • No particular limit on carousel screens. But we recommend no more than 3, otherwise you’ll drive your users crazy!
  • Multiple images per screen.

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