Reminding users of a screen’s purpose

You know that whilst carousels are cute, that most users just swipe through them ignoring the message. So its interesting to see how Twitch provide an inApp popup to remind the user in a more contextual way.

If you are NOT a gamer and if you don’t know Twitch, then you are really missing out on the future of entertainment. Its definitely worth downloading and trying to figure out what the hell is going on!

Take a look at these neat first-time popups.

These are cool, they:
  • show in the right place right time
  • stand out with a cool design
  • easily get out of the way once you’ve glanced at the message.
  • dont block the context of the screen
This seems much more useful and contextual than the following two screenshots that are shown in the start-time carousel.

These carousel pages are cute but:

  1. they don’t really show the page what they really look like
  2. they stand in front of the register/login page which is a huge cognitive barrier the user has to get through. Signing in on mobile sucks and the user will have forgotten what the carousel said once they figure out user name, lookup or think back to the last time they used their unique (hehe) password.

So its really hard to know why they showed these screens at all on the carousel, it just seems wasteful. The habit and expectation of carousels is very ingrained until Product Managers realize there is a cleaner, more contextual way to onboard users.

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