Retention and Growth

Data is the ultimate measure of success for Product Led Growth and Contextual includes a comprehensive range of customisable reports and dashboards that will keep you up to date and on top of a Product Growth Teams most important numbers;
Contextual reports and analytics free Product teams from dependancies on engineering to get the key data needed to make critical product decisions.

Product and Feature Adoption


Summary Analytics

Contextual Summary Analytics provides up to the moment data in real time to allow to keep Product Growth Teams on top of their key user metrics. 


Engagement metrics

How many installs is your product getting on a Daily, weekly and quarterly period?


What is your 7 day, 30 day and 12 week user retention rate?


What is your average Daily and Hourly Usage rate over a 7 day, 30 day or 12 week period? 


With Contextual Retention and Growth Analytics Product growth teams have the Engagement metrics at their fingertips.


  • Daily Installs v returning users
  • Average Percentage of Users by Day and Hour

Guide Performance

Contextual doesn’t just provide actionable data in real time.   Contextual provides Product Growth Teams with an actionable tool kit of Guides, Tooltips and Product Walkthroughs to improve product and feature adoption. 


Contextual Guide Performance provides Product Growth Teams and Customer Success key data on the performance of their Guides, Tooltips, FAQs, in-app user surveys and more.


For example – Percentage of Users who have Matched for all active Guides.


Total number of the users who’ve matched the “specifications” (the “Who” filters you have saved in the guide – the target audience) to see the guide.


Feedback Report

Contextual in-app USer Feed back surveys collects and reports on key data points;


  • Number of survey responses 
  • By UserID / InstallID 
  • User Response score
  • User written response

User Stats

In what geographies is your app the most popular ?


Which geos are the fastest growing


Which devices are the most popular for your app?


Contextual removes the guesswork with up to the minute high level data.




World-wide view

Top 10 Devices 

Top 10 Client Versions

Guide Analytics

Contextual provides both Guide Performance and Guide Analytics so Product Growth Teams can make the most effective use of Contextual Guides;

  • Per Guide Number of Views v Number of Matches
  • Percentage Accepted, Touch out and Rejected
  • Steps visited by Users

Screens Usage

Contextual provides product analytics to the screen and page level for your mobile and web  application.


  • Top 10 Views Entered
  • Top 10 Views Exits

Product Features

Contextual allows Product Growth teams to create customised analytics for their specific features:


Tracked Screen

  • Number of visits to the screen

Tracked Features

  • Number of interactions with the feature
  • Tracked custom tags