The Top 5 Things That Make Users Uninstall Mobile Apps



With over 5 million apps available on the major app stores, competition is fierce for user attention and retention. Unfortunately almost 50% of apps get uninstalled just days or weeks after being downloaded. Here are the top 5 culprits that lead to users hitting that uninstall button. 


1 – Too Many Permissions


During the initial app setup, some apps demand access to way more data and features on the phone than they need. This raises privacy concerns and makes many users uncomfortable leading to an immediate uninstall. Requesting only the bare minimum permissions necessary helps build user trust.


2 -Hidden/Unexpected Costs 


Nothing is more irritating than downloading what appears to be a free app, only to be hit later with unexpected in-app purchases and subscription fees. Be upfront and transparent with pricing to avoid users feeling like you tricked them into downloading your app.


3 – Massive Downloads/Updates


Users hate when an app update requires downloading hundreds of megabytes or more of data. Keep app sizes as small as possible and avoid giant updates that eat into data plans. Offer options like WiFi-only updates to be respectful of user data limits.


4 – Crashing/Freezing/Bugs


Apps that crash, freeze, or have major bugs are a quick ticket to getting uninstalled. Thoroughly test your app for any issues before release. Also respond quickly with app updates/fixes when users report problems.


5 – Poor Onboarding/Instructions


Don’t just throw users into your app without any guidance! Having no idea how to navigate or what to do first is very frustrating and leads to app abandonment. Include mobile app user onboarding guides and walkthroughs, Tooltips, tutorials, and Guide prompts to help users understand how to use your app properly.  




Avoiding these key pitfalls will help your app retain more users over the long-term. Remember to request only needed permissions, be transparent about costs, keep downloads and updates small, provide good user onboarding, and test extensively for bugs.  To boost user Activation and achieve even greater Retention check out these 5 proven customer retention strategies.  Follow these guidelines and your user retention should improve dramatically!

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