Empty states


Empty states are in-between moments in the user journey which play an important role in the overall user’s experiences. Contextual provides a variety of options to address these empty states.

Addressing the empty states helps:
  • Your user’s impression of the web app
  • Showing the Context and clear instructions + nice visuals
  • Teaching your users:
    How to use your product
    Where the user is in your product
    What actions/conditions are required to have data here: Sample data v.s. Written explanation

Step 1: Identify

Empty states can happen at different states of your user’s journey. It’s extremely important to define the nature of your empty state.  
  • Empty state for the first time users
  • Empty states for existing users
  • General errors

Step 2: Design

After defining the nature of the empty state, which defines the “problem”, you can use Contextual in-app tool to address the empty state.


  • Choose the use-case you find fit to the state
  • Use a proper image/video to use as educational material or for aesthetic purposes

Step 3: Target and settings

After creating your design, you can use the Contextual targeting system to target your right audience and conditions that you’d like the empty state to be addressed by Contextual.