Enhancing User Experience and App Retention with Contextual Strategies



In Q3 2022, Apple made a significant move by removing 540,000 apps from the App Store, citing poor user experience as one of the top reasons for their removal. This action represented a quarter-on-quarter reduction of 24.79% in the total number of available apps, bringing the count down to 1,642,759. User experience has emerged as a critical factor, particularly for B2B apps that offer complex functionalities. Failure to prioritize ease of use puts app developers at risk of losing users and facing fierce competition in the market.


The Importance of Mobile User Experience:


Mobile apps are highly vulnerable to user churn, necessitating a focus on providing seamless experiences. With tightening budgets and a shortage of software development skills globally, usability can sometimes take a back seat to features. However, leveraging a No-Code approach can bridge this gap by augmenting app features with engagement elements, enhancing user experience without extensive coding. Contextual, a leading provider of No-Code Product Adoption Platforms, emphasizes the role of its No-Code SaaS plugin for mobile apps in boosting activation and retention rates—the foundations of the AARRR growth metrics.


Unlocking Growth Potential with No-Code Engagement:


Contextual argues that their No-Code solution benefits not only companies pursuing a Product-Led Growth (PLG) strategy but also those adopting Marketing-Led or Sales-Led approaches. By increasing activation rates for Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Product Qualified Leads (PQLs), companies can drive growth. Additionally, the burden on Customer Success teams can be eased through effective continuous in-app user onboarding, enhancing user retention.


Maximizing App Performance and User Growth:


Apple’s removal of underperforming apps likely targeted the bottom 25% percentile, leaving room for market-leading apps to benefit. However, these apps have likely already captured most of the low-hanging fruit in terms of user growth and are now seeking the next inflection point. By embracing no-code engagement strategies and leveraging contextual walkthroughs, contextual user onboarding, and contextual mobile tooltips, app developers can optimize user experience, activation, and retention.




In a highly competitive app market, prioritizing user experience is crucial for app developers to remain successful. Apple’s removal of apps with poor user experiences emphasizes the significance of providing seamless interactions and ease of use. Through the adoption of contextual strategies and leveraging no-code engagement tools, app developers can enhance user experiences, drive activation and retention rates, and unlock their app’s growth potential.

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