Ask questions of our Product Adoption GPT

We’ve released a Product Adoption GPT for you to ask questions. Its free to use for any  ChatGPT Plus user and answers with quality advice for user about mobile and web app Product Adoption.

The Product Adoption Advisor for Growth Teams is a GPT chatbot tailored by us, using materials we have published previously (and some other great content) for advising members of Product Teams (like developers, product managers, designers, growth teams) on topics such as onboarding, feature announcements, user engagement, retention, and addressing churn.

If you tell the chatbot your job role, hopefully it will personalize the responses to your style and level of understanding with the “right” level of jargon. If it’s not clear, just ask it to clarify.


We’ve specifically applied it to mobile and web apps, leveraging our extensive knowledge and lessons learned from customer experiences.


The GPT understands the user journey and advises on activating product features.

Give the Product Adoption Advisor a try and let us know how we can improve it for you!

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