FTUX – is not a rude word (plus upcoming webinar!)

Bess and David recently ran an in-person and on-line “Onboarding and Activation” event. App makers are often confused about how to prioritize onboarding steps and designs that actually may be increasing trialler abandonment and churn. We looked at some great and poor examples. The agenda was:

  • Pirate metrics (quick refresher) and product-led-growth
  • The user journey curve
  • FTUX (no it’s not a rude word, its first-time-user-experience)
  • Examples of activation
  • Empty states, feature discovery, driving referrals.

Here is a short clip from the Intro and Bess explains elements of FTUX.

The session wasn’t about the Contextual product, focussing mainly on some classic “patterns” and “anti-patterns” – this is just a geeky way to say: “Do’s and Don’ts”.

For example, there are many “Do’s” that work for B2B that “Don’t” work for B2C. For this post, here are a few “anti-patterns”.

  • Mobile is not a small desktop
  • B2C: Force registration before “Aha”
  • B2C Mobile: Don’t default to System Permission Prompts
    • Don’t ask until you need permissions
    • Soften with your own popup before the system
  • Forced carousels/guides/tours
  • 16 step guides!!!!
  • External Help/External Videos (Never leave the App!)
  • Login after Register (Repeat passwords)
  • 2-factor on first try
  • Spam with push notifications

We are doing a deep dive with our friends from Mesh.ai in a Webinar on 8th September – so if you’d like to learn more – register for the event.

Webinar: How to Automate Product-Led Growth in APAC

With MeshAI

Tue 29th September 2022, 12:00 pm SGT (2:00pm AEST)

  • How Product Led Growth is transforming in 2022
  • Evolving your software  product’s PLG model
  • Automating PLG the who and how
  • Product-Led Go-To Market strategy
  • The PLG Automation analytics, onboarding and communications

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