“Slow” is a dangerous place for products

This paragraph caught my eye:

“Slow is a dangerous place for a product company to be. Slow product teams tend to be outcompeted by fast ones. We complain about how Figma and Slack don’t feel native, but why are most of us using Figma and Slack? We’re using them because they outbuilt and outcompeted their native competitors. There are so many things that could improve in these products, but they’re the best tools yet built for their purposes.”

For product teams, releasing and syncing the features across your IOS, Android and Web platforms is a mammoth task. You release a new feature and then nobody uses it. You release on one platform and users complain its not on the other platforms!

With Contextual we allow you to not only announce new features but also test different engagements or interest in a feature PRIOR to building.

Lets say you’ve received some feedback from your customer success team, or using interview products like https://greatquestion.co/ or https://dovetailapp.com/

You want to drill in and get a sense if other users would value this. With Contextual you could:

a) ask for feedback with a question – a simple popup message targeted at a specific audience segment lets them single click answer to “take their temperature”

b) Do a mock announcement for a feature:

  1. Users who click thru on the announcement can be measured.
  2. After clicking thru, you may ask the users for their level of interest.
  3. Promise to get back to them when its released.

This time-tested launch-hack from that lean startups have been doing for a decade. It may appear a but scammy or disingenuous but inApp you already know the user and if they arn’t interested, they will just click away. No harm done but valuable data to be gained.

This animated GIF shows how to do this with Contextual in a few minutes.

The starting quote comes from an excellent post by Allen Pike, (the owner of Steamclock Software) on when/why product teams should prefer to use Native or Hybrid app development. The main point being – the more code platforms you support, the:
  • greater cost to your team to implement
  • greater cost of co-ordination
  • inability to iterate and test fast
These are absolutely the problems Contextual helps try to solve – both because we provide libraries for ReactNative, Cordova, Ionic, Capacitor and of course Native IOS, Android and Web!

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