The best gamified onboarding in a fintech product

The onboarding for fintech product Navexa is gamified and sublime. In this interview I discuss with the founder the decisions that led to making a first-time experience that has helped radically increase activation and reduce trialler abandonment.


Navarre Trousselot is the founder of portfolio tracking product Navexa and he takes us through the main features of the checklist/progress-bar above.

Key takeways:

  1. Initial modal to set the stage and introduce broad concepts.
  2. Sample data to avoid the dreaded “empty state”
  3. By clicking the first modal, the user sees the sample data as “their portfolio”.
  4. This completes Step 1 (View Portfolio) and instantly credits the user with a 1-day extension to their trial.
  5.  Each additional steps extends the trial – with a total of 7 days making the trial a 14 day trial for someone who is genuinely engaged.
  6. When a step is completed you can instantly see down the bottom that the trial has been extended “10 free trial days left”.

The benefits here are huge – instead of being overwhelmed by all the data and features, the user can self-pace a journey that gives a reward along the way.

Some other things we discussed:

  1. The checklist (when folded) has an animated wave wash across it every 10 seconds. Its not too shouty but the user definitely knows there is something to look at there.
  2. Navexa’s Feedback collection is probably one of the lowest friction I’ve seen. Its notoriously difficult to get a user’s perspective and this method allows easy collection of both one-liner suggestions and long form rants. Navarre mentions how people have given full specs for a feature they want through that mechanism and he gets it submitted to both his email and ticketing system.

The Indie Journey

In the next clip of the recording, Navarre gives me insight into his journey developing Navexa as an independent and how he has funded things so far. Sign up for blog updates so you don’t miss out! 

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