mobile app feature discovery

Create game changing in app Messaging, Tooltips and Feature  Announcements

Create contextualised, personalised and targeted in app Feature Announcements, Tootlips, Nudges In-app Video, FAQ and User Surveys for your mobile, web and hybrid apps.  Provide the right Tool Tip to the right user and the right time in their user onboarding journey.


Unlock Next Level Activation to Revenue!


Achieve next level Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue with contextual tips and feature announcements, fully customisable by you to take your app to the next level


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Cross platform in app Tooltips and in app Announcements

Create beautiful targeted and personalised in app Tooltips and In-App Announcements across all your app platforms, Create Mobile App Tooltips and Feature Announcements and Web app in app Tooltips and In-App Announcements. Compatible with IOS ,Android, React Native and Web.


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Choose from our library of in app Tooltips and Announcement Templates

Choose from a massive library of over 50 fully customizable in app User Onboarding Guides, Tooltips, Feature Announcements, In app Messaging, FAQs, Carousels and User Surveys. 


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Fast and effective usability testing and experimentation

Fail fast and learn even faster with rapid usability testing and experimentation. Identify and reduce friction points in the user journeys fast with A/B and user cohort testing and analysis .  Use Tooltips and In-app messaging to nudge users to achieve your product KPIs

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Advanced growth analytics


Includes advanced user reports and analytics. User Engagement, Guide Performance, User Feedback, Screens usage, User statistics



NO CODE, No App Store or Google Play releases


Includes advanced user reports and analytics. User Engagement, Guide Performance, User Feedback, Screens usage, User statistics

 Create, Update and Launch User Onboarding Guides, Tours and app walkthroughs as fast as you can product content without hard coding and without the need for App Store and Google Play releases.


Discover how Contextual customers are benefiting from increased activation, user engagement and user retention using in app user onboarding flows.


The Contextual engagement layer allows you to
guide users and increase adoption.

Educate users fast, create Guides, Tips,  Announcements, embed Videos and Tooltips and Feedback Surveys.

Once configured, no developer time is needed, its WYSIWYG.

Step 1: Design

Create Web and Mobile App tooltips, walkthroughs, launchers and contextual support in a single dashboard
  • Simple to use editor
  • No Coding required
  • Empower non-technical people

Step 2: Target

Trigger walkthroughs, tooltips and inApp education when the user needs it.

  • Real-time segmentation
  • Automatically present a tour or tip based on engagement, behavior or custom tag
  • Engage in context at a specific page and action

Step 3: Measure, Optimize

Experiment, test and refine onboarding and education tooltips to help users understand your App.

  • Drive users to complete actions in your App
  • Run A/B tests
  • Measure engagement and who has completed and reached goals