Feature Discovery

“…It’s about the right place and the right time to reveal the right features. Every feature, widget, or interface control competes.

…Good software is about balancing value and screen real estate and understanding the outcome.”

Jason Fried (@jasonfried)

  • You’ve sprinted to release a feature, let people know its been released.
  • Level up users to power-users, target stuck users.
  • Introduce the right features to the right users.
  • Measure usage of the feature without begging for more analytics tags.
  • You save screen real-estate but still get maximal exposure to your features.
  • Announcements, Promotions, System Notices can be deployed in minutes.

The Contextual engagement layer allows you to
guide users and increase adoption.

Educate users fast, create Guides, Tips,  Announcements, embed Videos and Tooltips and Feedback Surveys.

Once configured, no developer time is needed, its WYSIWYG.

Step 1: Design

Create Web and Mobile App tooltips, walkthroughs, launchers and contextual support in a single dashboard
  • Simple to use editor
  • No Coding required
  • Empower non-technical people

Step 2: Target

Trigger walkthroughs, tooltips and inApp education when the user needs it.

  • Real-time segmentation
  • Automatically present a tour or tip based on engagement, behavior or custom tag
  • Engage in context at a specific page and action

Step 3: Measure, Optimize

Experiment, test and refine onboarding and education tooltips to help users understand your App.

  • Drive users to complete actions in your App
  • Run A/B tests
  • Measure engagement and who has completed and reached goals