user onboarding teardown

onboarding teardown

I don’t like Monday dot com but I love their user onboarding – with apologies to Sir Bob Geldof!


Mobile and Web app user onboarding is critical to user retention and avoiding churn in the first moments of the user journey.  If you are well funded you can afford to design a user onboarding experience that rocks, but what can you do if you are not?


In this video excerpt from a recent masterclass on “App Onboarding & Activation – Tactics to Reduce Churn in Mobile & Web Apps” by David Jones and Bess Eshraghi. David provides an expert teardown of’s user onboarding process and highlights what they do well and how you can achieve the same for your product.

Monday raised $384M in a sector that is very competitive. So they can afford to “splash some cash” ensuring every trialler has a great shot of hitting the “aha moment”. To activate their users they employ some of the following tactics:

  • progressive info capture during registration
  • sunk cost bias to keep you committed to onboarding
  • crafting an initial template experience based on the info you’ve provided.
  • breadcrumbs
  • “invite a team-mate” (shared experience)
  • crafting a first flow very tightly
  • reminder emails to get you back into the app

You may not have $384M to spend but with a Digital Adoption Platform including Contextual onboarding and Contextual tooltips may get very similar results for user activation and churn reduction.

** the word ‘tear-down’ doesn’t imply anything negative, its merely means analysis or deconstruction (see

You don’t have to have a sized budget to totally rule at mobile and web app user onboarding.  Click on the buttons below to get your 14 day free trial or contact us for a demo! 

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