Product Led Growth – App User Onboarding Strategy and Execution

product led growth

In this PLG webinar we had 3 great speakers looking at PLG essentials.

⭐️ David Jones (CEO, Contextual)

⭐️ Mark Hayes (Head of Growth, Plexure)

⭐️ Dennis Kibirev (Chief Growth Officer, Mesh Ai)

Running for 45 minutes, it was  packed with loads of PLG info, so contact us if you’d like to get the slides. We’ll definitely be stealing, err…borrowing some!

The snippet extracted for this post is in 2 parts, where David covers: 

  1. Strategy at the Onboarding/Activation phase. This is important for contextual product adoption
  2. Execution – What positive patterns we see good apps doing. For example contextual mobile tooltips give users help at the right-time to increase Activation rates.

The User Journey curve that you see in the video can be rotated on it’s side and you will see the Pirate Metrics which we have often discussed in our posts.

Specifically in Pirate Metrics AARRR, the 2nd “A” is Activation and the goal of Onboarding is to drive Activation. Pivotal here is that the “AHA” moment where the user gets what they need from the product. For example onboarding for mobile apps gets the user direct to what they need.

Full Webinar Summary

Once again, contact us if you’d like to see the whole webinar, attend the next one or see the slides. The full topic was: “How to Automate Product-Led Growth” – we’ll discuss what it means to be a product-led software business and provide insights into how to automate your software company’s PLG strategy:

✅ HOW PRODUCT LED GROWTH is transforming in 2022

✅ EVOLVING YOUR SOFTWARE product’s Product-Led Growth (PLG) model

✅ TOOLKIT TO AUTOMATE PLG: from onboarding to retention

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