Open Source Onboarding Carousel

Using Open Source components is a great way to get beautiful code elements into your App. We extended the Contextual platform to allow the popular “Paper Onboarding” carousel – it’s attractive and had a decent amount of flexibility.

The cool thing about Paper Onboarding is that it’s material design slider. Here is how Ramotion (its authors) describe it:

Paper Onboarding is a simple and easy to use onboarding slider for your app. bottom.

By allowing this to be added in our point-and-click dashboard where you can preview on the web and on your devices.

We made one initial thing even easier:

You just need to provide content for each slider page – a main icon, text, and small round icon for the bottom

We made this so you didn’t need any extra developer code.

Ramotion's Paper Onboarding Example

We had some additional goals that we thought would be super awesome for our customers

  1. Be able to use images that are hosted remotely
  2. Allow changes to the carousel without needing to do an Appstore release.
  3. Target different carousels at different users
  4. Have carousels in different parts of an App (not just the home screen).

Here is how it looks in the Contextual Dashboard.


On Android, its automatically built in – nice.

On iOS, to add the open source Paper Onboarding to Contextual and get all the above benefits you just need to add:

platform :ios, '8.0'
pod "pointzi"
pod "paper-onboarding-pointzi"

So its, super-easy to get started and then have all the dynamic benefits.

To learn more about the open-source checkout the awesome work from the folks at Ramotion on Github.


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