Mobile shopping forecast to hit 450 Billion sessions in Q4 2022, Black Friday Sales Up 22%

In case you thought it was too early to be talking about Black Friday sales, think again.  Black Friday through Cyber Monday is a critical period for retailers and can account for as much as 40% of annual sales and with the holiday season barely 6 weeks away the folks at are reporting mobile shopping app visits are up 22% as consumers rush to research, compare prices and seek discounts via mobile shopping apps also reported that user engagement on mobile shopping apps has grown nearly 2x as fast as downloads and that time spent in mobile apps directly correlates to greater retail sales.


With the acute shortage of software developers worldwide, many retailers will find it hard to create a mobile-first strategy quickly enough to take advantage of this massive trend. Retailers will also find themselves in even greater challenging conditions this coming holiday season as inflation continues to chip away at consumer wallets. However despite inflation, mobile shopping hours are at an all time high with August 2022 data showing US mobile shopping hours at 10% YoY growth. 


To win over mobile users and sales retailers and products & services providers need to do more than just release a mobile app, they will also need a solid strategy for mobile app user onboarding and ongoing user engagement.   The reason for this is that Mobile shopping apps in particular are prone to high levels of user churn [5 Tips to reduce user churn] so the most critical first step in the mobile app user onboarding flow is to get the user to the “Aha moment” as quickly as possible. The Aha moment is when the user experiences the initial value from having downloaded the mobile app.  It could be as simple as finding the product they are looking for and making a purchase.  This is also known as “Activation”.  Activation is part of the methodology used by Product Teams to align their product with the “job” that a potential customer needs “to to be done” (JTBD).  When a user downloads a mobile app the 1st JTBD is a race to verify the mobile apps usefulness (value) against the time the user invests. It’s a critical period because in most cases the user will only invest a few minutes or even seconds before they move on [more on Activation] A well designed mobile app walkthrough is a sure-fire way to make sure the user experiences their Aha moment, activates and is motivated to come back and continue using the app over and over again.


Mobile app user onboarding best practice is to design the mobile app walkthrough so that the mobile tooltips are contextual. What this means is to show the right information to the right user and the right time [User onboarding flow 5 best app practices]. 


The most experienced and successful retailers know how to maximize customer spending by optimising impulse buying decisions.  Mobile app shopping is different in that time is compressed and shoppers will go elsewhere if their needs are not met within seconds.   This is where contextual mobile in-app tooltips can play a role in helping users achieve their goals and help nudge them towards the next desired action – check-out and keep shopping!


As mentioned earlier in this blog, software development resources are in high demand and therefore expensive.  They are also too slow.  Creating a mobile app user onboarding walkthrough and in-app mobile tooltips is as resource intensive as developing any other mobile app feature.  In order to catch the growing wave of mobile ecommerce consumers, app developers, app designers and product managers need to move much faster than traditional software development sprint cycles allow.  The market is simply moving too fast for current methodologies to keep up.  A no-code SDK plug in like Contextual allows product teams to create mobile app user onboarding guides and mobile in app tooltips, onboarding carousels, mobile in app video and user feedback surveys via an Engagement layer without having to hardcode preserving scarce and precious development resources to focus on the mobile application’s feature layer.


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