Apple culls half a million apps from the App Store. User Experience is paramount.

Q3 2022 Apple has cut 540,000 apps from the App Store with poor user experience ranking in the top three reasons for apps being removed. Additional reasons were apps that were considered a threat to users and apps which failed to comply with App Store policies.

The cull represented a massive 24.79% quarter on quarter reduction in the number of apps available on the App Store, reducing the number available for download to 1,642,759, according to new data from Finbold.  The change maintains App Store’s position as the second highest number of apps available in the three main mobile app marketplaces compared to Google’s Play Store 3,553,050 and Amazon 483,328.

Earlier this year, Apple sent an ‘’App Improvement Notice” to developers warning them that their apps would be removed if they haven’t been updated for a “significant amount of time’’.

“Mobile User experience is emerging as one of the most critical features for mobile apps particularly for B2B Apps which typically offer greater utility and therefore complexity” states David Jones Founder and CEO Contextual.  “Mobile apps are especially vulnerable to user churn and product teams that fail to prioritise ease of use will come under increasing competitive pressure” said Jones.

Tightening budgets and a global scarcity in software development skills means that usability sometimes takes a back seat to features.  This is where No-Code can play a critical role in augmenting an applications feature layer with engagement features that improve user experience without the need for hardcoding that can be easily implemented between App Store and Google Play releases.

No Code Product Adoption Platform  provider Contextual argues that it’s No Code SaaS plugin for mobile apps allows product teams to increase Activation and Retention two of the foundations of Pirate Metrics the growth metrics favored by mobile and web app providers adopting a Product-Led Growth strategy – AARRR (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral)

Jones continues “The 24.79% that Apple slashed most likely represented the bottom 25% percentile of underperforming apps on the App store and were probably beyond saving.  However, market leading apps have benefitted from most of the low hanging fruit in terms of user growth and are looking for the next inflection point – they will benefit too”.

No-Code Engagement is not just for companies pursuing PLG, companies who are Marketing-Led and or Sales-Led can also benefit from this strategy by increasing user Activation rates for MQL’s and PQL’s and easing the burden on Customer Success teams by increasing Retention through effective continuous in app user onboarding”

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