Deputy’s onboarding gamification – genius!

In the upcoming full interview with‘s Growth team leads (Francois Bondiguel – Head of Growth and Jordan Lewis – Director of Growth) we cover a lot of great Onboarding/Growth experiences and ideas. 

But I’ve clipped this onboarding gamification example for special attention – its the most genius growth hack you’re are going to see this week!

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B2B SaaS Trials

In B2B SaaS its super-common for the prospect to ask for an extension for their trial.

At Contextual we get this all the time because whilst the Product Manager loves what they see, they need to schedule developers to integrate the mobile SDK’s – so our 14 day trial is sometimes too short.

Deputy recognized this as a reality of their business and their customer success so they flipped it on its head and allowed customers to self-service their trial extension by performing onboarding tasks.

Lets hear what Jordan and Francois have to say:

Specific Activities that get an extension

This video covers what are the goals that Deputy want their prospective customers to achieve. For example, getting on a screenshare call is a reliable predictor or trialler –> paid customer.

The extension activities are:

  1. Add your Business Name and details. Gives you 6 days.
  2.  Book a screenshare
  3.  Setup your mobile number and install the mobile App. Earns 2 days.
  4. Add your employees for 5 extra days.
  5. Once you’ve published a shift more free days will be unlocked
  6. Approve a timesheet to unlock free days
  7. Choosing your plan allows you to keep your free days.

The next video digs in and shows you the type of dialog and carousel content they show the user to explain and encourage.

Growth is iteration

Finally Jordan mentions at the end of the video the number of times they have iterated this flow – have a listen you will be surprised!

Tools like Contextual allow you to iterate quickly with some of this content without disrupting the product roadmap, not all things can be done “no-code” but a lot of experiments can be tested, measured to see what is working the best!

Aligned goals

This is a great example about thinking about the customers goals and recognizing the overlap with the Product/Growth teams goals. As I discussed in the post “Goals, Segments, User Activation” don’t prioritize yours goals above the user’s goals. They have a JTBD and that is what will drive activation and retention!

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